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Lets Taco Bout It

Super Team Deluxe

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Listen, we get it: Tacos are in. They’re everyone. Folks are trying to make tacos out of literally anything. It’s a real fiesta out there. But we get you, especially: We know you’re not being duped. We know you’re the OG of this delicacy; the Tortilla Tycoon. You’ve been in this game since before the cream was even sour. Corn? Flour? Yes and yes...for hours. We raise our margaritas to you and may the gods of guac forever reign their cheesy favor upon your outstretched plate.

Soft enamel. Black pin with rubber clutch. 

Measures (h) 18 x (w) 25 mm.


About the artist: Super Team Deluxe

Super Team Deluxe is a collaborative funhouse made up of creatives, Rogie King, Justin Mezzell, Hannah Mezzell, Drew Melton and Alicia Colon. 

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