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Cyanide High


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Cyanide High is one of three series of pins inspired by Singapore's sitcoms and dramas of the nostalgic 90s.

After high school teacher, Francisca got into a huge fight with food friend and canteen uncle, Sheng Chin, she left being a school teacher at Moulmein High School. Sheng Chin fell into severe depression after Francisca and him allegedly broke up from a relationship. With no one to turn to, he mutilated himself before deciding on the perfect death. In their favourite grass jelly drink, he poisoned himself with the oh-so-popular cyanide. 

Soft enamel. Silver pin with black rubber clutch. 

Measures (h) 25 x (w) 25 mm.


About the artist: Leon Tan

Leon is a Communication Designer RMIT Melbourne Graduate from Singapore, who likes to pen his thoughts into a bunch of lines on paper. Inspired by different social cultures as well as human interactions and behaviours, he delves into his own interpretation with his illustrations and hopefully, graphic design work. 

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