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Super Team Deluxe

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Mark Twain famously stated "treat yo'self" or something like that. The details aren't what matter here, the point is taking time for you is good. If you want to be good to others, you've got to be good to you. That's probably another famous quote and if it isn't, well, we just made it one (we'll invoice you later for the leasing rights). This isn't prescriptive by any means; it's just us telling you exactly what you need to do to be happy. Seems simple enough.

Hard enamel. Silver pin with rubber clutch. 

Measures (h) 15 x (w) 23 mm.


About the artist: Super Team Deluxe

Super Team Deluxe is a collaborative funhouse made up of creatives, Rogie King, Justin Mezzell, Hannah Mezzell, Drew Melton and Alicia Colon. 

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