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Kiu Mo Phua Doh (Yellow Boots)


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Kiu Mo Phua Doh is one of three series of pins inspired by Singapore's sitcoms and dramas of the nostalgic 90s.

He was under the impression that his pair of yellow gum boots would always save the day, no matter if its a banana peel or a wet soapy floor. His wife and his workers were cleaning up the office before wrapping up for work today, but he slipped and fell on the back of his head, causing an instant death. FYI: The flooring was sparkling clean before he came in. 

Soft enamel. Gold pin with black rubber clutch. 

Measures (h) 19 x (w) 25 mm.


About the artist: Leon Tan

Leon is a Communication Designer RMIT Melbourne Graduate from Singapore, who likes to pen his thoughts into a bunch of lines on paper. Inspired by different social cultures as well as human interactions and behaviours, he delves into his own interpretation with his illustrations and hopefully, graphic design work. 

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